Sunday, April 29, 2007

About this Singaporean in London

Having moved to London with my wife in mid 2007 and enjoying every bit of London ever since.

London can be quite intimidating and believe it or not, I am still bewildered by the immensity of the capital.

Love the cultural facade of London and the very fact that it provides easy access to the rest of Europe.

Singaporean in London was born over dinner with my army mates prior to my departure from Singapore. It is meant to be a log of events that happened for the duration of my stay in London. Thanks to Chew (yep, that's what we call him) for coming up with the suggestion.

Also check out Tips for London, a blog that that I've done up for fellow Singaporeans who're moving to London. It's a reference for the rest of us as well. Will appreciate greatly if you can let me know if there's anything more to add.

Finally, a Singaporean and his food is never far apart. Check out my London food review site at London Chow for good eats in London.

This blog is dedicated to all Singaporeans who find themselves in foreign lands.


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