Saturday, May 19, 2007

First impression of London

Just settling down in the service apartment in Cannon Court, Farringdon. It's a fairly big apartment, by local standards and it's considered near to the City itself. Actually the size of the apartment suits us better than our 4 room flat back home. The only thing is that the apartment faces a construction site that starts from 8.30am till around 5pm. Oh well...

Like what was described in most guide books, London is a curious mix of the old and the new. You can find old victorian styled cottages right smacked in the middle of a modern setting. But I suspect the modernisation is gathering pace and soon this will disappear too.

Found that things move generally slower over here. I tried to open up a HSBC account here and we spent a good hour or so filling forms and was told that the atm card will only be mailed to us in a week or so. People here walk slower and there are loads of benches in the City, especially near the Thames, where people can be seen reading books and stuff.

Generally the proportion of non-whites increases as you walk closer into the City itself. Even in Farringdon, one can hardly find a Chinese face. Londoners are a polite bunch. As of now, I have not encountered any condescending local.

Things here are generally more expensive, but that's true only if you convert them back to Sing dollars. That's to say that it'll be affordable if you earn pounds. I need to find a job fast.

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