Monday, May 7, 2007

Leaving AJC

It's funny how people show their appreciation of you when they get the news that you are leaving. It reminds me of Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morris, where a dying former professor held his own funeral before he died have friends go up to the podium and present their remembrance speeches of him. His rationale was that he wanted to hear all the good things that people has to say about him before he passes on.

Well, I experienced lots of kindness from my students and colleagues from AJC when they get the news that I was about to leave. The most memorable being the 23rd Students' Council, the Council teachers and the CCAC.

I was tricked into tagging along with Marlene and SiangNing to the row of zichar just outside Ang Mo Quee Camp. Thinking that it was a CCAC gathering, I tagged along. But little did I know that the entire Council was waiting at ReiMin's place and they had a gathering planned for me since the late afternoon! Not only that, Clement, Winnie, Dawn and Corrine AND a large handful of 22nd Students' Council were also present. We had fun till 11 plus that night. YiHeng, Gary, Weylon, ReiMin and Sabrina played and sang some songs at the basement of ReiMin's house.

Come to think of it, I'm pretty naive to fall for that. But I really appreciate the efforts gone into planning for all that. In return, I shared with them the song that we used to love back when we were in HwaChong: Wu Si Kai's Fen Xiang. I thought that the song captures the spirit while we were in school. To top it all, the 23rd SC actually put that song on again at the end of AJ Idol 2007! And we had a great time singing that song again. To the 22nd and 23rd SC, I hope that this will be your song as it was ours back then.

My colleagues, the BT gang, headed by LeeKiat also treated me to Mr Bean at Princep Street. Come to think of it, we did have a great time throughout my stay in AJ. All the way back to our BT days when we played sports (Captain's ball in MPH, netball, badminton, table tennis and basketball). But that was when we had more time. Well, all of us are busy of late. But we catch up with each other whenever we can during lunch.

My Physics Department! Headed by Mr Neo and my mentor Mr Sng. Well, my Physics colleagues really made my stay in AJ fun and meaningful. I will always remember the three rules that Mr Neo put down during my first day at work

  1. We will present concepts that is beyond the syllabus if it means that it'll enrich the students' experience
  2. We will look out for each other and to provide support whenever necessary, that includes teaching material as well
  3. We will provide extra lessons beyond the curriculum if need be to help the students

Upon hearing that, I wished that I had this group of teachers when I was in JC.

My colleagues in Students' Affairs. Headed by FongFui and Clement. I was telling them that I had the honor of working with a group of teachers who are capable and dedicated. I really mean that. Much thanks goes to PuaySan and Clement for settling AB Camp 2007. When things get tough, I know for a fact that both of them will be there to support. Haha... and HockSoon of course! My SC buddy who is happily waiting for his baby! I cannot wait to see his child. :)

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