Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Birds and Cyclists

In the push for being environmentally friendly, London has always encourage her inhabitants to cycle to work and cycle they did. During the rush hour, you will be able to see people of all sorts pedalling furiously to work; people with the right gear and those in their shirts, jackets and ties. But most will attach their work bag beside their bikes. It actually look quite nifty.

However, not all are impressed. An article in the newspaper lambasted some inconsiderate cyclists who tend to weave through the traffic recklessly, much like our motocyclists back home. But I must emphasize that it's the minority.

Another thing that struck me are the birds here. The pigeon is the dominant bird here. I'm surprised that the crows are somewhat confined to parks (namely Kensington). The pigeons are literally 'homing' at you when you walk down the streets. I imagine that they were competing among themselves to see which of them can pull back at the last minute.... The birds will swoop at you and will bank towards one side at the very last moment, terrifying the unsuspecting pedestrain. Unlike the birds back home, they are totally at ease with close proximity with humans. Hmm... probably roast pigeon is not yet a delicacy in this region...

* * *

Managed to catch Clam online just before he went off for invigilations (at room 235). It's really great to be able to catch up with someone back home once in a while. Forgot to ask him about his baby though. But he's really a great chap to work with. I'm sure those who has come into contact with him will agree with me.

Heard from Hock Soon the other day that his baby boy will be coming round in September. Gosh... I can feel the exhilaration even in his typing. Hmm... can imagine him running around with his kid :)

Chee Kim as well! My Sabah buddy came back to Singapore for a visit after I left for London. Sigh... will probably be able to catch up with him only in a year or so.

Well, have got to request to post up some pictures... here's one of White Tower (at the top right corner), which is part of Tower of London. That's where King Richard murdered the heirs of his predecessor, Edward IV. The skeletons of the two young princes were found at the bottom of the stairwell a hundred years later... creepy...

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