Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brr.... and laksa!

Just came back from a jog around Angel. Looked at the map, it should be roughly around 2 km plus. Was hoping to make up the lack of exercise and the extra carbo loaded. Almost everyone I know who came back from a temperate country gains weight, I hope not to be another.

Though it's not my first jog around the area, the blast of cold air still hit me when I stepped into the open. Temperature is now around 22 deg Celsius and it hovers around 15 deg Celsius in the night. The gust of wind doesn't help abit. As a result of which, I didn't sweat abit after the run. Not that I'm fit (far from it actually), the low humidity really helps in removing the sweat.

Contrary to the belief, jogging under the lower humidity here is not easier compared to back home. I don't know, perhaps I'm less fit comparatively, yah?

* * *

Cooked laksa yesterday night. In case, you were wondering whether I learnt it while I'm here, I didn't. I cheated. Using the pack of Prima Deli Laksa given to me by SA Comm, I cooked some decent laksa for both of us. Wife love it and I couldn't agree more. Even for a non laksa eater, I clamour for more. Believe it or not, there's a shop in Leicester (London's Chinatown) that sells it! Oh my, oh my... the beauty of globalisation! Yeah!

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Fern said...

Cold at 22 degrees? Were you walking or really running?! Usually you should warm up after you've run... could wear something to protect your ears, that may help?