Thursday, June 28, 2007


I recall Mr Blake (my GP tutor in JC) once told us that he signed up to teach in Singapore because of the lure of the sun and the sea... and "summer" all year round. Well, I thought that he was nuts back then. Can't blame me as I was sweating profusely in the afternoon class.

I often wonder whether magnificent architecture and rich history (other than the money of course) are the main factor that draw people to the British shore. Imagine streets after streets filled with the likes of our former Supreme Court. One can find cathedrals (not to mentioned churches) dotting the landscape. I won't be suprised if the British take them for granted. Like Singaporeans taking our sunny (most of the time) weather for granted.

One can just stare up such magnificent buildings and marvel at the architechtural skills. Though photos cannot convey the impression that I have when I first see Canterbury Cathedral, they do show the details that its builders etched onto what once was merely blocks of limestone.

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Lemon Grass Princess said...

u r enjoying urself!


Fern said...

He was attracted to the sea? You mean the dirty green one? Or something he saw on touched-up postcards?! - Singapore Fern