Monday, June 25, 2007

Smile! You are at the cashier...


That's how the cashier greet me every time I pay at the counter of Tesco (the local NTUC). That happens everytime I visit Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Saintsbury and Woolswhich (all their local stores). Believe it or not, Marks and Spencer is at best an upclass NTUC or shall I say like the former Liberty Market at Dhoby Ghaut. Nothing like the 'upclass' shop that sells biscuits, lingerie and overpriced clothes back home.

Ok, that's for another blog entry. Back to "Hiya!".

I've mastered the art of greeting and asking "How's your day?" with a smile without really expecting an answer. But generally, customer service is London is better as compared to back home, at least in the supermarts. I recall Cold Storage cashiers starting to greeting paying customers before I left though.

After more than a month (omg) here, I start to expect a greeting and will often greet the cashier first. Not suprisingly, I find those who don't return the compliment rather rude and will avoid patronising the store. Hmm... bad me.

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CheeKim said...

Good day mate!

Gd to hear that u r settling in well...... Y walk so fast when u can afford not to? It's all about affordability haha.....

I'm sure there are lots of new experiences await... no worries, u'll be alright.

Any contact no there? had ur land line fixed? (obviously lost aft so many transfers haha.....)