Sunday, July 29, 2007

Crusing down the Thames...

We had to leave Greenwich when we realised that we are getting late for a dinner appointment with Wife's friend and her husband. Instead of taking the Docklands Light Rail (DLR), we chose to take a 25min cruise down to the Tower Bridge and transfer to Liverpool Street Station where the meeting is to take place.

The cuise was superb. I am a sucker for open skies and wind in your face if you've not noticed by now. As we make our way upstream, it hit us that London has loads of 'waterfront' properties... they're a great place to live in... until we remembered the flood warning issued by the authorities.

To our dismay, both Tower Hill and Aldgate stations were shut down for maintanence for the weekend and we had to trudged down to Liverpool St on foot. Yes, we were very late for the appointment but Wife's friend and her hubby took it in quite good spirits. Ahh... I miss the company of Singaporeans. ;-)

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