Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Harry Potter Premier in London!

I chanced upon it while I was reading London Lite (one of those free newspapers). Rushed to the scene immediately.

When I reached Leicester (pronounced as Lester) Square, it was packed. To make matter worse, it was pouring and people just promptly bring out their umbrellas. These are determined people. Apparently, throngs have already gathered in Leicester Square since the morning (for the 7pm premier) to chopped the best standing position along the red carpet. Poor sods like me who stumbled in later can only view the 'happenings' on the big screen at the peripheral of the screen.

Saw the Hogwogs's janitor (with the cat), can't remember his name. Hermione, the Weasley twins (don't know their names either) and Daniel Radcliff . Needless to say, they were mobbed... will be worse if not for the security provided.

Rowlings was interviewed as well. When she appeared on the big screen, everyone and I mean everyone (including those beside me) cheered. I felt wierd not jumping up and down. But I stood my ground :P Well, she struck me as a person who is uncomfortable with the limelight. Rather suprising considering that it's already the what... 5th film (I lost count)....

Anyway, here's the pic I took at Leicester Square.

Tour de France will be starting from Central London this weekend... argh... may miss it as we are taking a short trip down to Oxford.

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