Friday, July 27, 2007

Hear! Hear!

It happens every weekend at Hyde Park, thought I am sure it's not just restricted to weekends. People from all walks of life will gather at this corner of Hyde Park known as Speakers Corner to voice their opinion on their pet subject. They can always count on throngs of tourists to lend a listening ear. Well, I've heard of visitors made it a compulsory stop when coming to London.

Some speakers are known to be so fervant that shouting matches between speaker-speaker and speaker-audience are common. No subject is taboo here, it's a free for all. I have heard a Palistine quarrelling with a Isrealite and people talking about Black power with pomp. Though I am not sure whether anyone takes them seriously, the speakers themselves sure take themselves very seriously.

Compared to the one at Hyde Park, ours.... pale in comparison...

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London Soon said...

I see.... we went to Hyde Park twice and couldn't locate the speakers corner. Probably not a weekend then....

Thanks for the info. Something i wouldn't want to miss staying in london.