Friday, July 6, 2007

NHS-1 and Terrorists-0

Health service in Britain is largely free due to heavy subsidies by the government. In return for that, high income taxes. However, there were frequent abuses and complaints of the free medical services that come under the National Health Service (NHS). NHS has always been the archilles heel of the governing party whenever it comes to election. It's like a huge lumbering body that is funded huge sums of taxpayers' money but doesn't seem to perform up to the standards expected by the public.

It came to light that as many as 4 of the 5 alleged terrorists arrested over the failed London bombings last week are actually foreign asian doctors employed by NHS. Apparently, it was discovered that the syringes used in the bomb devices (oh yes...) are siphoned from the NHS' stockpile. Those syringes malfunctioned and failed the bomb devices....

The British should thank whichever religion that they believe in that NHS is not that efficient. What an irony...

As I said.... NHS -1 and Terrorists -0.

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Fern said...

Liked this piece. Interesting observation if true.