Friday, July 6, 2007

Of Protest and the centre of London

Noticed that there's some indication of movement in the tracker. Well, hope that you guys enjoy the daily (well, sometimes 'bi-daily) posts.

At the center of London, where all distance from London is measured from is the Trafalgar Square. This is rather significant, considering that London is thrice the size of Singapore. It's also where the statue of Lord Nelson stands.

Today, it's serve as the focal point of London community. Londoners go there to chill, to gather and to protest. I chanced upon this protest for Palestinian rights during a visit to the National Gallery. After awhile, I thought that the protest was more interesting....

There were throngs of protestors gathering around the Square, surrounded by the Metropolitian Police (Met). I was standing on the Square itself happily snapping pictures like a 'sua-gu'. I must emphasize that I am not the only one, those in the foreground were guilty of that as well...

I thought I was safe where I stood. Wrong! The barriers were removed and the protesters were allowed by the Met to march into the Square and it was flooded within 15min. Well, I must say that they are rather organized.... they have people with buckets collecting money for the 'Palestinain cause'. Haha... if that were to happen in Singapore, they would have been arrested by police the moment they bring out their banners... ok, ok... that jest was made in poor taste.

In fact, the Square was already well prepared prior to the march. There was a huge stage with two large screens on either side, much like Xbox 360 launch at our Taka! They have performers and singers who graced the event. Was actually surprised that there's no mass dance thereafter. Sorry, I cannot resist saying that.... me bad.

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Jiawei said...

Of course there's movement in the counter lah..we are your ardent fans man!! haha!

Protest over there? no wonder i can't offload my cargoes in London..haa!

xiaocangshu said...

Wow. There were performers at the event?