Monday, July 23, 2007

Rest and Relax lah.... for a token sum....

One fine day, I decided to take a hike down to Hyde Park. You know, the one that Singapore is trying to mimick and is standing abandon now somewhere off Chinatown. Every weekend, people will be up there to give fiery speeches to a very much amused audience. The speakers are serious people, at least they look very serious. I cannot say the same about the audience, most of whom are just there for a good laugh. Anyway, that's for another day when I run out of things to say. ;P

London is known for it's open spaces. Open spaces meaning that it's larger than Botanic Gardens... at least that's the impression that was given to me. With around 4 or 5 main ones distributed around Central London, they are a great place to spend many summer days (if it's not raining) just lying on the grass with a shade and a good book on your lap.

Here I am on a deckchair happily busking under the sun reading Tim Harford's The Undercover Economist. Paid 2 quid for that priviledge in fact. Had thought that it was free and plonk myself down onto one the moment I stepped into the park. Found out too late when a officially looking burly guy staring down at me and smile,"That'll be 2 pounds, sir." As the Hokkien saying goes, "su lang, buay sai su say", I paid him without a protest. As my gaze followed him around, there were some pockets of resistance but all eventually knew that resistance is futile.

Me? I was determined to stay there for my full allocation of 4 hrs until rain came down at the third hour... alas, I had to relinquish my deckchair. But it was nevertheless an enjoyable and relaxing pastime, which a visitor to London should try out if he/she is not rushing for time.

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