Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sunny days again!

So much for the flood warning. The weatherman claims that there will be no rain (omg) for the next coming days and temp will soar to 24 deg celsius. Well, though 24 deg is liken to switching on the aircon back home (though a miser like me will stop at 26 deg), it's rather warm having being used to the sub-20 deg temperature here.

Tanning is a popular hobby over here in London. Apparently, Europeans are fascinated with getting a tan as they believe that it looks healthier and thus better. A tan is what we take for granted back home under the tropical climate. Over here, one can either take a train down to the beach and hope that it will rain after the 4 hour round trip OR hop down to the neighbourhood tanning salons, which cost GB7.5 for 15min tan. The choice, for most, is obvious.

There are dangers of such tanning methods; skin cancer for one, was highlighted in Daily Mail. There was also a freak case of peeping toms and the article from Daily Mail is here.

It looks like it's gonna be a sunny day... perhaps a tanning session in Hyde Park?

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