Monday, July 30, 2007

Ties to Singapore

Whenever an overseas Singaporean is asked about what he/she missed most about Singapore, the answer is invariably food. Egg prata, murtabak, laksa, cha kuay tiao, chai tao kuey, tradtional kaya, hainanese chicken rice... the list just goes on. Well, as a trueblue Singaporean, my penchant is for food as well.

As mentioned earlier, we tried to cook some laksa. And we promptly went down to Leicester Square (if you recall, that's where the Chinatown is) to get THREE more packs of Prima Deli Laksa paste. That's as real as it gets. We gor Beef Rendang and there's still an outstanding pack of Chicken Rice. We plan to get a pot to cook a huge chicken and perhaps cut the chicken up into smaller portions so that the meal will last a few days. I really doubt that though... I will probably finish it at one go when Wife is not looking....

But the daily routine for me is really to read up Straits Times online. After you have encountered British media, Singapore's is really mild... in fact, kind of boring. It's just facts and facts. Hmm... some will argue that it's what the media is for. Oh well. But it nevertheless gives me a good update as to what's happenning at home. The top prize however goes to . It really epitomise the Singaporean humour. Haha... I'm sure Londoners will be scratching their head if they hear his podcast. Well, perhaps you should listen to this one.

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Kenneth Wee said...

I agree with your comment about how the food is all overseas Singaporeans tend to think about. One thing about London is that there are many Singaporean/Malaysian restaurants, and new ones popping up all the time. Unfortunately not all of them are good. Want to go visit one? Nyonya, Kiasu, C&R, lots to choose from...Wife and I think it was great to meet you and your Wife last Sat.