Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tour de France

Tour de France (literally known as Tour of France) has always been a great French sporting event. This time round, the prelude was held in London. The opening ceremony was held in Trafalgar Square the evening before the flag-off. Wife and I promtly trodded down along Fleet Street towards Trafalgar in the evening, knowing that the tube will be packed. True to word, roads leading to Trafalgar was condorned off and only pedestrain were allowed in.

It was madness. As mentioned in the earlier posting, Trafalgar is the place of choice for all sorts of major activities in London. It was the perfect venue for the opening ceremony. Throngs of people were there in the Square and lining the streets when we reached after 40 minutes of hiking. As expected, we failed to get the better standing positions where we could have see the actual stage. We ended up standing at the peripheral viewing the huge screens stratgically placed for quell expected unrest. :p

Anyway, there are people of several nationalities among the spectators that day. How did I find out? Well, each group of them cheered the loudest when competitors from their home country appeared on the big screen. Among them are two SIngaporeans wondering what's the fuss about? :-)

Managed to get some pictures when the teams rode through the crowds in an exhibition ride. Here's one of the teams from Russia.

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