Monday, August 20, 2007

Bottoms up!

Drinking is embedded in the British culture. History (essentially from Lonely Planet) has it that the people of this isle (children included) drank alcohol instead of water even before the first pub was established. Simply because the alcohol kills the parasites that would be otherwise present in the not so potable water. Makes sense doesn't it?

Now that the water is potable, drinking is still a popular pastime. Before I step onto UK, I can never appreciate why is that that the British pub at the start of Boat Quay is always so crowded with office workers (mainly caucasians) milling around with a glass of beer in hand, doing nothing much other than chatting among themselves and occasionally sipping their poison. Now I know.

Pub is the lifeline of many British (expats here is picking up that up as well). With traditional pubs having all the names that you can think of... Queen's Head, King's Arm, Nag Head, The Crown... just to name a few. This particular one (Camden Head) that's just round the corner where I stay in is packed every evening. The drinking starts from 5pm onwards till god know's when.

The fun thing is that each pub tries out some gimmicks in order to seperate itself from the pack. Word games, trivial contests, live gigs, comedy nights and of course the 40 inch plasma during Premier League season. Life is good.

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