Sunday, August 19, 2007

Harrods and its furs...

When Harrods was first set up as a provision store more than a hundred years ago, it built on service rather than price. While other stores cut their prices to retain the customers, Harrods was known to provide excellent services to justify its higher than average prices. It was rumoured that you can buy anything (even an elephant) from Harrods if you are willing to pay.

Sitting just next to Knightsbridge Tube station, it has become a place where any decent lady shopper must pay a visit. There must be a Harrods God who wield considerable influece somewhere (for those who has read Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' will know what I am driving at).

An icon will nevertheless attracts brickbats as well. Here, we have protestors against sale of furs parading outside Harrods on a weekend. They're for the boycott of Harrods unless fur is removed from its merchandise. Well, if there's a demand... hmm...

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