Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's a welfare country!

Britain is not most welfare country in Europe but there are instances whereby people back home can only dream of. Mick Philpott is unemployed, have 18 children with 5 women. The best thing is that, he claims 38,000 pounds in welfare per year just by living with 11 of his children. Imagine that. A middle-class household in Britain earns 30,000 pounds annually. Not surprisingly, he was touted as 'Britain's Biggest Scrounger'.

The weather over here was terrible these few days. If you take a look at the local weather indicator at the side panel, you'll realized that it's hovering at around 16 deg Celsius... it's actually much colder due to wind chill. I, for one, cannot take the cold and am shutting down all windows and wearing 2 shirts with a ever trusty pair of jeans... and socks as well! Brr....

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London Soon said...

I do understand that as foreigners, we have to buy health insurances... but in emergencies, I wonder if there's a subsidy for tax payers if warded in public hospitals?


C K said...

What I understand is that every UK tax payer contributes a (ridiculous high) amount to National Health Scheme (NHS)every month that is directly deducted from the salary.

Almost everything is free for the tax payer if he opts for NHS hospital/clinic. But the queue is so long that any person who can afford it will be driven to get private insurance, most common being BUPA.

Imagine that to see a GP in NHS will require around 2 weeks booking in advance in busier areas.

London soon said...

Thanks for thie info. on medical. 2 wks for a GP is unacceptable. Must be private then.