Monday, August 6, 2007

Brita removes the lime in your water

Brita+limewater+LondonMy Geog teacher from sec school once told us that Londoners love their tea, mainly because their water is not exactly palatable. So the tea leaves with 'that dash of cold milk' pretty much covers the taste of the underlying water.

Those who have visited the magnificent coastal cliffs of England would have realized that the isle sits on a huge limestone formation. So it's really no surprise that the freshwater that is drawn up from beneath carries a chalky taste.

After 2 months of carting back 5 litres mineral water containers, Wife and I decided that we should spend on a Brita filter jug. Just load tap water from top and viola, sparkling (and taste neutral) water flows through the bottom. Fuss free... and my puny arms can rest..

If you are still wondering, you can get this from Amazon and it'll break even in no time. Say goodbye to lime scaled pots and horrible tasting tea.

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