Wednesday, August 15, 2007

London Underground - Lunderground!

One Lite (our Today or Streats equivalent) reader suggested that London Underground should be renamed Lunderground. Though it doesn't sound too good (in fact it sounds vulgar) but it seems somewhat appropriate.

This pic is taken from my Nokia phone. Pardon the resolution as it was taken from within a train as it pulls away from the station. Baker Street, the place where the famous Sherlock Holmes hailed from. In fact, other than the Gorilla ad (of London Zoo) there are posters exclaiming that to the unintiated tourist.

The logo for Lunderground (it comes naturally now...) was designed in the 1930s and have been hailed as one of those everlasting designs that is fashionable still. Some collectors have been hunting for faceplates of Lunderground signs with different stations' names. Have took to taking down the images with my trusty Nokia whenever I get into a new station. Oh well, like I mentioned... cheap thrill.

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