Friday, August 24, 2007

Nottinghill Carnival... and heinous crimes

Next Monday marks the end of summer (as if there was in the first place...) and it is a Bank Holiday. Unlike our public holiday, UK's equivalent is that of a 'Bank' Holiday. The rationale is that when the banks go on holiday, everyone does the same.

Nottinghill Carnival starts this coming Sunday morning till Monday night. It's like a huge costume, dance and musical parade (much like our Chinggay) that spills out from Notting Hill (which is of course made famous by the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts' romantic comedy with the same name). These days the Carnival is getting bigger and if I'm not wrong, Hyde Park is getting a piece of the action as well.

It's not so peaceful for the residents at Notting Hill though. Wife colleague claimed that he had to board up the windows to filter out the noise and to prevent half eaten food from being toss into his 1st floor flat! Btw, for the unintiated, 1st floor means 2nd storey and the 1st storey is called Ground Floor over here.

For me, I'm going to give the Carnival a miss, well at least a large part of it. Will be going down to Wales on a driving vacation with friends. So unless I can find some internet connection, I'll probably will only update this blog when I'm back late next week.

There was a heinous crime committed by a yob (slang term for an uncouth blue collar individual or thug) yesterday. An 11-yr old boy was gunned down execution style in Liverpool. To make the matter worse, it was committed in broad daylight...

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