Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Of pub and food....

It's only in UK can one get away with a name like that. This quaint pub sits beside Islington and Highbury Tube station. Was thinking of taking a closer picture but the pub employees were like giving me the evil eye.

Went to Natural History Museum (see posting above) yesterday before landing in Baywater for dinner in the evening. There's this restaurant named (rather aptly) 'Kiasu' along Queensway. It sells 'traditional' Singaporean and Malaysian food. It's actually not too bad, though abit pricy. Have sampled the char kuey teow, bar chor mee and fried rice there and it taste quite like the real thing back home. It's owned by a Malaysian from Ipoh, the same person owns the Chinese restaurant "Kam Tong" opposite the road as well.

But it's only the second time we've been there and getting abit sick of the food already. It's like paying 20 Singapore dollars for a plate of bar chor mee... abit ridiculous. The teh tarik cost S$5.40 a cup. I think the one that I do taste better (yes, I've perfected the art of teh tarik!). The service left much to be desired as well... not to mention the madantory 10 percent service charge...

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