Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Of West End Thrillers...

Well, took loads of pictures in Cambridge and here's another! This lone apple tree sits prettily in front of Trinity College. It's none other than the descendant of Newton's apple tree... without which all things such as planes, space exploring and loads of other invention will be impossible. Imagine if Newton chose to sit below a durian tree.... gravitation will still be a mystery today.

Anyway, went to catch a West End show. When such shows arrive in Singapore, it's invariably a big cast musical. I mean, for them to travel all the way across the globe, it has to be rather well known to command the box office. The advantage of being in London is that you can get to watch good (but small) production at a very reasonable price.

We caught "The Woman in Black" over the weekend. It promised to be a thriller and it really delivered. The stage itself doesn't look promising at the onset. It's just a small setup and the cast is a grand total of 2 (well, 3 if you consider the... oh well...). Apparently, the story was adapted for theatre just to fill up a gap between big ticket shows. It was so well received that it stayed for 17 years. Imagine that. It was recommended for first dates but not for single ladies unless "they want to be clutching the arms of a stranger by the end of the play".
The author apparently, refuse to write another story after she finished with this one.

It'll not be the show to go for if you have time for only one. But watching "The Woman in Black" is a nice way to spend a cold evening.

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