Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ohh... food...(again)

Every weekend, Covent Garden is packed with people both locals and tourists absorbing themselves in the festive mood. There are stalls, performing artists (musicians, opera singers, mimes and standup comedians). They are good, especially the standup comedians for some can command an audience so huge that we have difficulty just catch a glimpse of the action.

Some genius came up with the idea of a food mall to liven up the area during weekdays.. well, at least Thursdays. Local delights and some exotic food sellers are invited to set up stalls there from 5pm till 10pm. It's much like our Makansutra stalls beside Esplanade. You can see that the crowds are totally laping it up. After I took this picture, I joined the queue not knowing where it'll lead to (cheap thrill). Lucky for me, the food sold at the end of the line is really not bad. lol

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Lemon Grass Princess said...

totally envious:(