Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Other than Tube, Rail and buses, the only alternative public transport will be the London Cab. The version that ply the streets back home seems much more cheery than the typical black London Cab. Although there are some that display adverts, majority does not. One thing that I noticed is that they seem larger compared to those back home.

If you think that Tube's expensive, think again. A cab ride that is equivalent to the distance between Sengkang to Ang Mo Kio will set you back around 11 quid (app. S$33). The same trip will cost $8 plus inclusive of peak charges. But then again, it was reported that getting a cab license here is very difficult and require several bouts of tests. Perhaps that justified the high fares.

One more thing. Locals hail their cabs by whistling. I can never figure how to produce the same sound with two fingers in their mouth...

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