Monday, August 20, 2007

Toys galore!

One place to amuse kids (both big and small) in London is Hamleys. The major London toy store sits along Regent Street, just off Bond Street, which is the one of London top end shopping belt.

Hamleys claims to sell "the best toys in the world". When I visited it some weeks back, it does have some items that I've never seen before. I was very much tempted... Anyway, though much of its merchandise can be found in Toys R'us, the winning key is the layout and the well trained staff. While you'll face a sourly cashier auntie at Suntec's Toys R'us, Hamleys staff specialises in a particular set of toys. There are booths within the store manned by staff who will demostrate how to literally play the toy. There is this staff member who will demo magic tricks and his booth is always crowded. Another entertained the crowds by flying toy planes and helicopters above the customers heads. It's amazing, not to mention the comfortable sofas in the basement for customers to 'sample' the newest XBox 360 games.

When I was there yesterday (hey, I'm just walking past that place), there's this pink limo parked outside. Lucky kid.

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Dmitras said...

Nowadays kids are different from us when we were kids. They have sell phones, computer games and etc.
By the way I just return from London.
My first impression when I came to London was how ancient and at the same time modern this city is.
Your pictures made me remember all my fascinating moments which I had in London. I also saw this cute Pink Limo London, which my girlfriend cold not keep in her feelings, oh these girls!!
My lovely place in London was the London Eye. I was surprised that it took seven years and the skills of hundreds of people from five countries to make the London Eye a reality, you can see around 40KM (25 miles) from the top as far as Windsor Castle on a clear day.
Thanks for the great blog!

C K said...

Doesn't the pink limo reminds you of Barbie and Ken? I wouldn't even bat an eyelid if lifesize Barbie hopped out of that limo!

Anyway, I've not been up on London Eye myself. Was thinking how I can occupy myself for 30min if I get bored... lol