Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Trust in the people!

Having some time on my hands I decided to give the local library a visit. Thought of applying for a library card and so prepared all the 'necessary documentation', or so I thought. I printed the online application form, got my passport and a copy of the tenany agreement to prove that I am staying in the vicinity.

There I was, smugly thinking that I am more than prepared for any red tape that can be thrown to me. I was wrong. I was totally unprepared.

The guy behind the counter was barely 20 and looked at me as if I have just made his day. 'Hiya! How can I help you?' he exclaimed with a widest of grin. After I took out the application form (which I have filled in beforehand), he just took a cursory look at my name and address and presto! I was in possession of a brand new library card. The process took the whole of 20 seconds... though the library was not as well equiped as the National Library back home, I was still at a loss for words when I stumbled out of the place 15min later.

Without any background or identification check, I am now allowed to borrow up to 10 books from the library.... I love this place.

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London Soon said...

Great info. Was looking for a library for my daughter.