Thursday, August 16, 2007

"We've won a wee bit of money..."

Those were the first words uttered by the woman to her son over the phone. She won the European Lotto of 35 million pounds... equivalent to 105 million Singapore dollars. "A wee bit of money" I supposed. Anyway, unlike the previous owners, she was rather calm and collected about her winnings. She planned to buy a modest car that cost less than 10k pounds and that's it... for now. She was a postal worker with a 21k per year salary but has (understandably) quit after her win. She earns that much in interest per week now. Warren Buffet is a strict non believer in lottery but one can't help to think how nice it will be if the ticket happens to be mine. lol

A computer first class honours graduate was killed after confronting 2 teenagers who three a bar of chocolate into his car at a traffic light. His brother was devastated. "His life for a bar of choc!" he was exclaiming. I really hope that this madness will end.

And of course, it doesn't help that Tesco (our NTUC) is selling beer below cost and is actually cheaper than water. Imagine that. If you're a teenager (min drinking age is 18 here) and you're thirsty... what might it be...?

Oh... back to the pic above. Covent Garden is a popular huant for baskers. Over here, it's almost an industry by itself. This guy playing the violin sings opera beautifully. He and his two female companions (playing the violin and cello) are serenading to a member of the audience... more often than not, they will end up with a generous contribution from the audience after the stint.

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Anonymous said...

hey man!
i am interested to do a working holiday in UK (which includes London) as well. Hmm, not sure how is this going to be a topic for you in your blog.. start to make friends with all these working holidays maker!! Maybe u can start from backpackers??
Mei Eng