Thursday, September 6, 2007

1, 2, 3... Jump!

Further north of Brecan Beacons is a series of waterfalls served by a number of well trodden footpaths. We parked our cars in one of those public carparks, which lightened us of four quids. In rural Wales, public car parks refer to allocated open spaces with a coupon machine strategically set up in the middle. The idea is to leave your car there, pay for parking and hope for the best. There's no attendent looking after your car.

Enough of the car park already. We trekked through the shortest path, which indicated that it should be completed in 4 hours. The paths aren't very well set out to begin with. Luckily for us, K pointed us to the correct path and before long we were on our way to the aptly named 'Four Waterfalls Trail'. It was breathtaking. In fact, it's the closest that I've gotten to a natural waterfall before. Was so tempted to drink the water... Wife pulled me away just in time and reminded me that our stomach may not be able to, well, stomach it.

The bag on the bottom right belongs to a mother with three teenage sons. They did what I would never, ever, have done. They leaped off the cliff just before I took this picture. I estimated that it's around 10m drop. All this while, the mother was looking by the side dispassionately. Well, I would have tore my hair out if those kids were mine. Those kids turned out ok and they rejoined us back at the top a minutes later. They were exclaiming that the experience was painful and they would never want to do that again.

I think the mother achieved her aim.

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Genim said...

Hi Mr Woo!

Oh man, can't believe I only just stumbled upon your blog! And I thought I was in the know... Haha. Overwhelmed by the number of entries I've got to catch up on now. Well, it's nice to get to hear about your life in london. Great that you're doing well there. Do take care and keep the stories coming... :)

And please don't tell the teachers I'm blog-hopping when I'm supposed to be studying. >.<

Woo Chan Keong said...

Hi Genim!

Haha... I thought Junyong, Peijin or Alford will tell you guys. I think they stumbled upon it as well.

All the best to your A's and keep in touch. Will expect great news from you. Cheers!

PY said...

We've captured a video snippet of one of the boys jumping off the cliff. Remind us to send it to you...

Woo Chan Keong said...

Hey! Was thinking of asking you guys for the photo, or was that the clip that Kenneth showed me on his camera?