Monday, September 24, 2007

New York Metropolitian Museum of Fine Arts

Coming from London, I was rather skeptical about the Metropolitian Museum of New York. I was thinking that what can I see that I've not seen in London, which is tha capital of power, at its heights of power covers more than half the whole? I was wrong. In fact, I was more than impressed.

Metropolitian Museum of Fine Arts has a branch in Raffles City, where it sells replicas of jewellery and artefacts dug up in ancient graves. In fact it's so popular, that it's found in many major cities in the world. The museum (Met) itself, sits regally at the eastern edge of Central Park in New York City. We cater 2 hours for the museum, but managed to cover barely 15% of the exhibits. Unlike, it's British equivalent (British Museum), which elicit a voluntary contribution, the Met charges a US$20 admission fee (S$30).

My suggestion is that you can pop by the Natural History Museum on the west of Central Park, then cut through the Central Park and pay the Met a visit all within a day. Will be tiring though. But it's definitely well worth the effort.

For me? I hate to leave the Met unexplored. Darn. Will have to go back again.

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