Monday, September 17, 2007

Of mooncakes and company...

Mid Autumn is near again. Not sure about the exact date and realized it only after seeing mooncakes being sold in Leceister Square. Hmm... somehow the scarcity makes the mooncakes here taste somewhat better.

Had a small Hainanese Chicken Rice dinner at our place and invited K, PY and HP along. HP has kindly bought us some Heng Xiang mooncakes. The five of us consumed half a box on the spot.

K and PY are going back to the States. Gosh, will miss their company. Somehow, I cannot help to think how many people are Singapore losing each year. Well, people leave for a variety of reasons. But then again, we have people flocking to S'pore for other reasons. Oh well... I am reading the changes in CPF quite closely though, not to mention the bus fare hike that Mr Brown have depicted in a light hearted manner.

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