Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Old Westminster...

Went to another London Walk aptly named "Old Westminster by the gaslight". Took this photo just before the walk. The wind was gathering speed as nightfall set on us. Angela, who conducted the walk, took us through the streets where the powerful (and sometimes rich) decides the political future of the empire that once span more than half the globe. The rain held, luckily, as she thrilled us with interesting facts about parliament procedure and trivals. Here are some examples...

1) The Parliament took 10hrs to decide whether to join US in the Iraq war. It took 600 hours to decide whether fox hunting should continue.

2) Both governing party and opposition parties in the Parliament must sit behind respective red lines in the House. The distance between these two parallel lines is the length of two swords end to tip. The rationale was that if the opposing members should draw their swords (back then) they will not harm each other.

3) Since the Queen (nowadays) does not control the House of Commons, all the elected parliament members (who are members of House of Commons) are summoned to the House of Lords should she need to meet them. Previously, the Queen will just preside in the House of Commons. Hmm...extra work for the common people, yah?

These among others are the bits and pieces of of infomation that one will get in London Walks. But hey! I've not running an advertisement for them though. Just my two cents worth. Oh btw, that's the moon (bright spot of light) hanging on top of Westminster. Though Mid Autumn festival's just round the corner, the moon was far from whole. At least in London anyway. Boy, I miss the lanterns and mooncakes.

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