Sunday, September 16, 2007

Scientology and large bill boards...

The religion that was made famous by Tom Cruise (and now Katie Holmes)has a branch in Times Square. It sits inconspicuously opposite Marriot Hotel in a plain looking building.

In the Big Apple, anything goes. Attitude and liquidity goes a long way. A first time tourist will simply gawk at the large displays that trumps London's Picadilly Circus and Tokyo's Shibuya. Times Square is the mother of all bill boards and any available space on the buildings' walls is dedicated to pushing products into the face of passerbys.

Budding artists hawking their wares lined the streets that made up the Times Square. Most are Chinese who can pencil a portrait in around 20min. K did his a few years back and it cost him 20 bucks. I didn't ask about the price but I think inflation should have driven the prices up.

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