Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Snippets of London...

That's another pic taken towards the end of the walk. London eye in her full splendor at night. Personally, I think the pic does the dame injustice.

It's a well known fact that London police do not carry firearms. The rationale is that if the police is not armed, there's no need for criminals to arm themselves, thus reducing the chances of fatal wounds in the cases of escalated violence. However, there is this firearms division in the Met Police, which is to deal with those guns tottling criminals. There is a recent drive to increase the percentage of women in this 500 member division. There are presently 12 women in the force. It is believed that women has a 'calming effect' on men when it comes to shootouts.

Also just realized that what we know as "ngiau" (miserly) is known to the Australians as "tight arse". To the reserved British, however, it is known as "tight fisted". Somehow it sounds much better to the extent that it sounds like a compliment!

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