Saturday, September 22, 2007

Working holiday!

A reader left a comment with regards to a working holiday in UK. I gather that she'll be backpacking while doing just that. The only time I've tried backpacking (defined as spending little on everything, living in cheap hostels and talking to interesting individuals which you wouldn't have the opportunity to) was prior to my ORD. My two buddies and I popped down to, well, Down Under without any credit cards or mobile phones and just a wee bit of cash. Come to think of it, it was rather reckless but then again, it was helluva fun.

So I thought that I should chip in my two cents worth. As mention in my reply to her, 'TNT' and 'London Jobs' regularly publishes jobs opportunities for both long and short term. But I supposed that there will be more opportunities during summer (which is sort of over). But it never hurts to check out these publications that are freely distributed on the streets.

But I would think that getting cheap accomodation may be a problem. Bunking in with others may set you back by around 80 pounds per week minimum, not to mention the cost of travelling to and fro your workplace. I speak only for London, not so sure about other cities/towns. But if you manage to hoard up abit of cash and don't mind travelling cheaply, you'll never run out of places to go to during the weekends, especially from London. I've heard of someone who regularly pops by Paris (3 hours by Eurostar) and Barcelona (5 hours by plane) and New York (6 hours by plane) over long weekends.

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