Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10 yr old judges...

The beautiful thing about social experiments is that you never know what you'll be getting. UK just announced that they'll be implementing 'peer panel' for teenage offenders. Essentially having teenage offenders stand in front of a 'court' made up of judges as young as 10 yr olds to be presided over by a 'chief' of 15 yr old and 'under minimal supervision by an adult'.

This panel will have the power to pass judgements and hand out sentencing that include community services. And around 500,000 pounds has been allocated for its setup. There was some public uproar... essentially saying that taxpayers' money is going down the drain...

Hmm... I recall reading this report about the development of decision making capabilities is fully functional only between 16-18 yrs old. But then again, there're loads of adults making irrational and irresponsible decisions everyday.

Another hung verdict.

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