Sunday, October 21, 2007

Alas! England fell to South African...

I am never into rugby. To me, it's worse than the game that involves twenty two men running around with a ball (you know what I'm talking about)... Instead, you now have men running around with a ball (an irregular one at that) and jumping onto each other...

But Sat's game changed my opinion of it. Not for the former but the latter. The English are really crazy about their rugby... almost as much their football... and now F1 (with Lewis Hamilton).

Now, back to the topic. The English team is an unlikely one to be in the finals, having lost to the South Africans 36-0 in the group games. But despite all odds, they crawled their way up to the final game facing South Africans again! The tickets with a face value of 50 euros are being snapped up for around 3,000 pounds (4,000 euros) each. One chap got seven of them!

Both my wife and I were huddling at home watching the live telecast on and we were under the impression that the English, being passionate about the sport will be singing on the streets (dead drunk) if they win. But if they lost, they'll just go home and mopped.

By 5pm (the match started at 8pm), throngs of people are already in the pubs, drinking themselves to a stupor and gearing up for the mother of all (rugby) matches. Considering the 36-0 results of the previous engagement the English have with the South Africans, the English gave their challengers a hard fight.

Thoughout the 80min of gameplay, the English never gave up. They went down fighting... snatching 6 points while conceding 12 to the South Africans. In the end, the game went to the better team. But kudos to the English rugby players... the night belonged to them.

An article on the local newspapers mentioned that in football, the players went through 90 min pretending that they're injured. In rugby however, the players went through 80 min pretending that they're not.

I miss the drunken singing along the streets. That night, the streets were dead silent.

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