Friday, October 5, 2007


Anyway, went to Bath with Huiping and (Yj of course!) last Sunday. It was a nightmare. Really. What can go wrong went wrong. It was abit embarressing as it was the first time we asked Huiping out on a long trip. Anyway, we missed the 9.30pm but and ended up with the 11am (with a 3 quid surcharge). Yj and I nearly vomited during our 3.5hrs bus ride. We spent around 4 hours in Bath, didn't manage to finish the Bath Museum, which is a shame as the exhibits are rather interesting. What was a 3hr ride back becomes a horrifying 6 hour due to an accident along M4.

Reached London to find that we missed the last Tube. Caught a cab and sent Huiping back to Long Lane first before reaching home at 12 plus. The cab fare came up to be around 18.50 pounds (with tips).

Omg. Lesson learnt: Always take the faster mode of transport; a train trip will take an hour and the half but with the fare doubled. But then again, the train may derail... touch wood.

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