Friday, October 26, 2007

Evolution of Learning...

Came across a youtube clip about the different learning style of students today. One Prof told me that teachers teach the way they were taught when they were students. Essentially, I was taught with the chalk and board method. My job is to sit there and listen and hopefully that I can comprehend a portion of what has been cramped down.

Looking at how my bro studied back then really astonished me. The level of multitasking is impressive. Sandwich in left hand, typing with right hand, conversing with peers via MSN, chatting with teacher online, downloading videoclips via Limewire, searching for interesting clips on youtube... and all that while blasting X-Japan in his ears. My gosh.

Some are cynics to the learning attitude of the present generation. The rationale is that how can one absorb any meaningful information with all that distraction. Thus any understanding is at best minimal. Me for one will need to turn off the music if I were to concentrate. But that's me. I can feel the generation gap already...

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xiaocangshu said...

This is really interesting, thanks a lot for sharing! :D