Sunday, October 28, 2007

Little Korea...

There're quite abit of Koreans who settled in London. According to Wikipedia, around 20,000 Koreans reside in New Malden. It's a quite little place in southwest London. Wife was very interested in Korean clothes... essentially those which you'll see in those Korean sob stories. But suprisingly, there are no shops at New Malden that offer such merchandise. However, there are a number Korean eateries and restaurants in that area, 15 in all.

There was this that we went to. It's along Burlington Avenue just off High Street. If you walk further down the Avenue, it's the first eatery that you come across on your right hand side. The food is great at reasonable prices coupled with superb service, what more can you ask for? Well, it helps if you speak Korean though as the staff speaks limited English.

To get there, just hop on a train from Waterloo Station. Cost us 7.95 quid for 3 tickets. If you can get together a party of 4, it cost only 8 quid! Another bonus for making that 20 plus minute ride is that there is this Korean hairdresser, Agassi, which will morph you a korean hairstyle for around 30 quid. Also, there're a number of Korean supermarts which offer korean provisions at knock down prices.

A great Sat afternoon trip if you can afford the time.

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wei hui said...

mr woo,u make me wanna live overseas too!

PY said...

see that you guys went back to new malden! which restaurant did you go this time? did we tell you about the one which gave free kimchi?