Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The most notorious London criminals...

The prize goes to the landlords. Due to the high demand in the rental market, landlords (especially those in central London) know that their properties are highly sought after and they make sure that the tenant know that too.

As a London tenant, one will need to deal with all sorts of landlords. I've heard of a case whereby the landlord let himself into the house and make himself a cup of tea. To make matter worse, he didn't even wash the cup and left it on the dining table!

For us, the landlord refuse to reimburse us for the repair of the telephone line, which was cut in an earlier renovation. Essentially, his reasoning was that he does not regard a telephone line as 'essential'. Believe me, it is over here in London.

Last week, the tenant who's residing below us complained about a leak from our shower. After an entire week of ding donging, the landlord decided that he'll need to repair our shower thus rendering it unusable for two days.

His parting shot was,"Well, I'm sure you can live without having to bath for two days, yah?"

I rest my case.

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