Sunday, October 28, 2007

The number 1 haircut...

Having a haircut is abit tricky over in London especially for a guy. It's this small (usually insignificant) everyday things that gets to you. Back home, I'll just pop into my local Ezycut $10 a pop. Over here, there's a hairdresser named Angel Cuts, which hairdressers look more like those hanging around in a pub on a Friday night than having anything to do with cutting hair. Btw, they cost 17 quid just for cutting.

Alternatively, I can consider walking further down the road to an old chap who charges 4.50 quid. He looks bored most of the time... reading that newspapers of his. Or I can consider the local Toni and Guys... when the hairdressers there aren't smoking on the steps in front of the shop...

Every month or so, I'm in the delilemma of whether to go back to that Korean hairdresser in Swiss Cottage or to just keep my fingers crossed and just jump into any of those as mentioned above. I heard of stories that happened to an Asian who went into one of them... and this is how it goes...

"Sir, how do you want your haircut to be?"
"Eh... short?"
"Well, you've got to tell me how short.... which number do you want?"
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"It goes from number 1 thru 5. 1 refers to trimming while 5 is a crew cut."
"Oh I see... in that case, give me a 1."
(5 min later)...
"There you go... that'll be 15 quid please."
"But... you hardly touched my hair!"
"Yes... you said that you wanted a number 1..."
"In that case, give me a number 4 then...."
"Oh well...."
(20 min later).....
"Oh my gosh...."

That guy walked out of that place looking like a convict.... maybe I should consider leaving my hair long....

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London Soon said...

Need this info. when we arrive... my husband's number 1 worry! As his hair is only good with "ah bek" old man barber... nothing fancy works for him.


C K said...

I went to the 4.50 guy in the end, worked out fine but he didn't change the shaver before he used it and it was clear that he intended to use the same one for the next customer... so...hmm.