Monday, October 22, 2007

Of Killer bugs and F1 races...

The news that over 90 patients has died under the care of NHS due to the spread of a superbug Clostridium difficile was all over the major newspapers for the past two weeks. What happened? How did it happened? Who's head should roll? BBC telecast an interview conducted a few years earlier after certain errant hospitals failed the hygiene tests and the person in charge was saying that she will take all measures and make sure that it will 'never happen again'.

Well, a sizable portion of British taxpayers' money goes into maintaining the NHS. Ideally, it provides all British residents with free healthcare, which include childbirth and certain surgery to an acceptable standard. But it seems that it's not doing as good a job as it should be. I recall back then when LKY was rather critical of NHS when he had an encounter with it the last time he was in Britain.

I just hope that I don't get sick here. Gorging myself with oranges everyday.

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On the other hand, what could have been a hat trick of sporting triumps became that of disappointment following Lewis Hamilton's loss of F1 2007. If he had won, he'll be the first ever rookie to clinch it. That followed England's loss in rugby and the fiasco football match against the Russians.

The dejected rugby team returned to England from Paris today and they can expect a hero's welcome after their heroic stand against the South Africans.

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