Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm never a fan of gourmet Jap food. Mainly because the premium is very high for the quality. The freshest sushi comes from Tsuski Market in Tokyo (not sure about the spelling) but the best (thus far) Jap restaurant in London must be Mugen, which is found near to the Monument Tube station. In fact it stares directly at The Monument right across the road.

How good is it? Hmm... well, let's say that it's very good for the price. A set lunch will cost around 12-14 quid and a typical dinner will cost you around 15-20 quid unless you're the type of person who'll settle for the ton katsu (my favorite). But the katsu curry (9 quid) is much better than the one (S$18) found at the basement of Liang Court back home.

To top it all, the staff are all Japanese who speak halting English. And most importantly of all, most of the customers are Japanese as well, the true mark of a great Jap restaurant. Well, reservations for lunch is necessary unless you're a fan of the sushi conveyor belt table.

I can't believe that I'm saying this... but you call them at (+44) 020 7929 7879 and Mugen can be found at 26 King William Street, London (EC4R 9AW).

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