Thursday, October 11, 2007

Paris icon... the Effiel Tower

Realized that if I'm not going to document down our first Paris trip, I will never get down to doing it. Since I have some time on my hands now, might as well.

Anyway, we were wowed by the sight the moment we step off the Metro Station and on our way to Hilton Hotel, which is just beside the Effiel Tower. Btw, all thanks for that got us this fabulous deal that is around 108 pounds per night in Hilton. Back to the Tower, it was a inspiring sight and I'm sure a huge number of tourists that flock to the bottom of the Tower day in and out will agree with me. But Yj seems to think that it looks just like a huge antenna tower.

Anyway, got literally dozens of photos of it (day and night). It looks especially pretty at night when the lights lit up and flashes of light happens for around 10min every hour till around 2am. Happened to be up there during the flashes, gave us a headache... reminds me of why I dislike disco. Yj was rather petrified about the height and clinged on to every support that she can find.

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