Thursday, October 25, 2007

Smacking... ouch.

UK has decided not to go ahead on a propose bill to totally ban parents smacking their children. Apparently 70% of parents surveyed want to retain some form of physically 'mild' punishment for their children and also will not want themselves to be branded as 'criminals' if they choose to inflict the punishment.

Hmm... perhaps that's the flipside of human rights isn't? I mean... there's this police chief that proposed to have a total legalising of all drugs usage as 'the police is losing the fight against drug abuse'. Perhaps they will be proposing what the Netherlands has been doing... supplying clean needles for drug abusers, rationale being that these addicts will be worse off if they go underground and use infected needles.

Also, Britain's teacher has always lobbied for more disciplining power in the classroom... well, let's say that some students are abit out of control. The police are proposing to have more powers to do body searches along the road for weapons due to the spike in assaults with weapons (essentially with guns and knifes). But there was the worry that minorities will be targeted and resentment will increase.

Thus while the people lobby for a society that is more free, perhaps we have to be able to handle what may come much later down the road. My two cents.

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