Sunday, October 28, 2007

This is an emergency evacuation...

Was on our way to Waterloo Train Station on the Tube until the train was stopped at Euston. Everybody was ordered to evacuate the Tube station 'due to an emergency'. Images of 7th July flashed through my mind. That day, bombs ripped through London's transport system and the security outlook has changed ever since.

Wife and I hurried through the labyrinth under Euston station to navigate ourselves to the main exit. The bright yellow exit signs helped quite abit. What struck me was that Londoners were very calm yet moved with a sense of urgency throughout the evacuation. No one panicked and there were staff at different corners to helped those who were confused.

We stumbled into the daylight a few minutes later. Those were the longest minutes ever. A swamp of people were hitting the streets when the fire engines with screaming sirens drove into the station. Well, I didn't stick around to find out what went wrong but took some time to orientate myself before taking a bus towards Waterloo...

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