Friday, November 9, 2007

Bonfire and fireworks...

After that journey (oh yes!) to Ikea on Saturday, we decided to pop by Battersea Park to watch the fireworks display. As London was still in the midst of Guy Fawkes' Day, there were a number of locations all over London (some of them free) that are allocated for public fireworks displays.

The one at Battersea is apparently the more popular one. Entrance is 5 quid per person, which limits the number of people viewing and thus will not be so crowded. We were so naive. The place was packed.

Well, we did enjoy ourselves thoughout the 30min fireworks display, which is choreographed with pop soundtracks. But it was too terrifying to a kid in front of us and the parents had to leave halfway. I felt sorry for them... until we were stuck in the crowd trying to negotiate an exit after the show. The parents didn't realize that their kid saved them from a 40min squeeze at the end. I hope the kid got rewarded with a huge icecream (ok, totally out of context).

Bonfires are lit throughout the capital, burning effigies of Guy Fawkes. One was burning that of Cherie Blair (not exactly their favorite person). But it was on the news that the charred remains of a 34 year old man was found in the embers of a bonfire. A 13 year old was arrested thereafter.

That brought us right back to reality.

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