Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Europe just got smaller....

Eurostar just got its new station at King's Cross St Pancras. The first high speed train rolled into the station today just after 11am. The trip to Paris is reduced by 20min (2 hrs now) and one can travel to Brussels in an hour plus. It was said that the English Eurostar train drivers are embarressed by the fact that the train could be much faster if not for the rail lines (on British soil), which have to be shared with normal trains.

I recall as a child that King's Cross Station was just one of the four stations on my beloved Monopoly. Now, it's a short walk from where we live. Well, not exactly a short walk... let's just say that it's walkable. I must say that the station itself has seen better days but the grand dame still stands proudly at the junction since 1851. Hard to imagine it standing on a former smallpox hospital though.

Oh well, I just get a kick visiting all those places that were meaningless words on the original Monopoly board; Mayfair (there's really those really expensive houses are), the Strand, not to mention the other three railway stations.

Hey, there's a kid in everyone!

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london soon said...

I guess that's the good thing about in London, so close to other European countries, what an eye-opener! But my husband said, after all those travelling, we may have to be "can-opener" for a while after spending so much on travelling.